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#YesAllWomen [x]

Then what are we supposed to say?

You’re supposed to say “That’s fucking awful, I wish it didn’t have to be this way. I wish things like this didn’t happen,” and you’re supposed to understand that this happened because a shit ton of men feel entitled to women like this.

We know some women are murders, too. We also know not all men go around killing people - but this one did. And we should focus on that.

Or, how about this. How about we acknowledge the fact that he did not target women. How about we recognize that he killed two white girls, three Asian boys and one white boy. How about we recognise that females were less than half of his targets. That a good chunk of the video he posted talked about how he was better than women and people of color.

The problem isn’t that men are defending themselves (I mean, gosh, how dare they? The nerve of some people, how dare they claim to not be sexist, racist murderers. How dare they claim to be individual people)

The problem is that this is being treated as a feminism issue, whhen it is an old american values issue. It is an issue of ANYONE being raised to believe they are better than others for how they were born.

I hope this is a joke. You say he didn’t target women, but he literally went on the killing spree because he didn’t receive his one mandatory woman.

It doesn’t matter what kinds of people he killed. The fact is that he killed people - period, regardless of race.

And men have no need to defend themselves over this. That’s the whole point of what I said.
This has NOTHING to do with other men. This has everything to do with THIS ONE PARTICULAR MAN, and the patriarchy, for enforcing and promoting these ideals that ended up killing six innocent people.

If you’re hearing people call this a problem with men and ONLY men, and screaming that this is the fault of men alone, they don’t understand the situation.

I wish guys didn’t feel the need to defend themselves, but I understand why they’re doing it - because if they don’t, a whole bunch of angry people from Tumblr will come after them and blame them for the actions of another person.

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